I'm Harshath.

Design. Technology. Problem Solving.

I’m a Product Designer.

I ask a lot of questions and get to know problems and people in depth. I come up with creative solutions that truly address users' needs, are usable, beautiful and delightful.

Redesigning the OneBusAway App

Redesigning a realtime transit information app with the goal to serve transit riders better

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Todos on Google Glass

Researching what makes todos work, and how to apply the findings to the Google Glass medium

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Visualizing History

Presenting historical events visually to learn about causes and effects of individual events

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More Projects

Work Experience

Unscrambl, Inc.

Product Designer - Dec 2015 to present

At Unscrambl, I own the front-end of our Telco Marketing Automation product. As the only Product Designer, my responsibilities span across numerous stages of the product development process. I interact with internal and external stakeholders to conduct user research, explore design directions and put together communication artifacts like wireframes, animations, prototypes etc. I use these artifacts to communicate ideas, gather feedback and iteratively improve product designs. In addition, I also define and maintain the usability and visual style guidelines of our product, and manage the front-end development team.

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UX Design Intern - May to July 2014

I worked in the Platform Infrastructure division, and developed a design concept for an internally used web application used for monitoring application performance. I started with researching user needs, built wireframes and prototypes, and conducted frequent feedback sessions with stakeholders to constantly improve and course correct. At the end I delivered a set of design concepts that addressed a large portion of the product's use cases, and a preliminary visual style guide for the redesigned application.

Worldpay US

UX Designer - Aug to Nov 2015

I was one of the first UX Designers at WorldPay's new Design and Innovation group. I worked at improving the first complex touchpoint that most merchants had with WorldPay - merchant onboarding. I researched all aspects of onboarding new merchants as customers of WorldPay, and drew up ways of improving the process.

About Me

I'm a problem solver and maker at heart. I 'm extremely curious, and go above and beyond to learn everything I can about a problem space before building solutions. I have a strong focus on the end users of a product throughout the product development cycle.

As a Product Designer, I have a well rounded experience of user research, wireframing, prototyping, presenting design concepts, gathering feedback and iteration, interaction design, usability testing and visual design.

User Research

I perform contextual inquiries, competitive research, stakeholder interviews, etc. to learn everyone’s needs and priorities, and to explore, determine or course-correct the direction of a product as required.

Testing and Feedback

I am experienced at conducting testing and feedback sessions with prototypes, design concepts and finished products to gather feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what needs fixing.

Wireframes and Prototypes

I'm skilled at drawing up various design concept artifacts like wireframes (high and low fidelity), animations and interactive prototypes to explore design directions, communicate ideas and to gather feedback.

Visual Design

I can convert wireframes into good looking high-fidelity comps. I also have experience leading a team to build a visual language for a new products from the ground up. I'm still working to take visual design chops to the next level though!